April 17, 2001 - September 13, 2016


     Mini was the little kitten that could - in her own mind. It didn't matter how difficult a feat was - she was always willing to try. There were times when she was a kitten that she would be hanging from a curtain or meowing stuck on a ledge because she felt she was able to reach a location which was beyond her. Once when she was younger, she even got herself stuck between a modular cabinet and a wall, after believing she could fit behind it, use the wall to skid down a 6 feet drop, then waltz out. When she couldn't, we had to get up at 2am in the morning to unscrew segments of the cabinet to aid her escape.

     Her most memorable feat was when she was 6, the actual stunt not realised until much later. Our power was out and after realising the rest of the street had theirs, we called an electrician to investigate. They made the discovery that something was still tripping our power off and the source had to be found to restore the supply. We had to disconnect appliance by appliance, while the electrician tested the circuits each time. Finally we narrowed it down when Mum got a shock after picking up a power board. Mini had marinated it!

     Mini passed away at the eldery age of 16, after her body gave in. I knew something was wrong when she began to want cuddles more often and didn't seem so argumentative about being picked up. These were her typical style. Instead, she had begun to beg for affection, looking deeply into my eyes, trying to tell me something. 

     We did our best to keep her with us, but it was finally her time. Mini was assisted to go, the vets unable to do anymore for her. They said it was just her time because her brain was shutting down. She held in as long as she could. I knew it was time up when she didn't even fight someone touching her belly. Any other time you would have lost a finger even attempting it.

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