In this area is where we place the important information about your family member you want remembered. It could be factual information, a sharing of a story that characterises your pet's personality, or the eulogy your children wrote when they buried the goldfish in the backyard. If it's precious to you, we'll keep it. You might want to include additional photos, which we can store and display on this page for you, share poetry that you wrote on their passing, or any other snippet of information that's important to you. 

     For example:

     Eddie will be sorely missed. Loved by the Henderson family: Mark, Julie, Jasmine and Little Bobby, and his feline companions, Trigger and Snigger. He is remembered every morning when his head does not enter Bobby's bedroom window, looking for his morning feed. Julie misses the afternoon rides, when Eddie would be lead to the local store to buy some after-school snacks. 

     Bobby was the first one to meet Eddie, when he saw him at a rescue shelter for ex-race horses. Although the family didn't have much experiences with horses, they worked at accommodating him on their large property. The family cared for him for eight years, before he passed away, June, 2012, from old age.He did not arrive a young horse. 

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  • Aunty Emma might write to send her love. She can do this by filling out a registration and then being able to post her well-wishes.

    Bobby, I'm so sorry that Eddie has passed. I know how much you used to draw him in school projects, and tell me how much you loved to brush his tail. All my love, Aunty Emma.

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  • She might also like to add a picture or video of her own that she had on her camera that the family would like to have.


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  • Or you might like to add well-wishes and share kindness to other families. Our pages are made both private (families have to give the link to who they want to see it), or public so that others who visit the site can comment.

    I'm so sorry about the passing of your horse. I had my pony, Charlie, pass away a few months ago due to bronchitis. I am wishing you lots of kindness and healing during this difficult time. Robert Franklin, UK.

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